Stay on the bright side of customer engagement road


About the Speaker

Dr Jana Bowden

Dr Jana Bowden is a researcher and senior lecturer in marketing at Macquarie University. She teaches, conducts research and writes extensively on social media engagement, focusing on how engagement is expressed within online brand communities. Her research examines the bright side and the dark side of consumer engagement. She investigates the dynamics of strong customer relationships and how brand equity can be maintained and/or strengthened.

Engagement is widely seen as the ‘secret sauce’ of good customer service. With the explosion in social media raising the bar for customer service for all types of businesses, the next logical step in the evolution of customer service is getting your customers involved and loyal.

At this month’s Business Propel webinar, international expert in consumer engagement and loyalty Dr Jana Bowden uncovers how to get your customers engaged and how to tell if they are engaged.

Jana will discuss the bright side and the dark side of consumer engagement, and how to harness its power for your business.

What you'll learn

  • What is customer satisfaction? How should you be measuring it?
  • Does a satisfied customer mean a loyal customer?
  • So, what should we be measuring? (engagement)
  • How do you know if a customer is engaged?
  • What are the key types of engagement - and what do you need to look for?
  • How do you handle engagement in a social media context?
  • What is the ‘dark side’ of online engagement?