Building a simple business plan online with Business Propel


About the Speaker

Paul Del Gigante

​Paul Del Gigante is the founder of Quickdockets, an innovative tech start-up company that assists civil construction firms in reducing the costs and complexity of tracking daily costings, invoicing, safety pre-starts and diaries

This month, we speak with another Business Propel power user, this time showing how easy it is to develop a one-page business plan using Propel’s online business planning tool.
Paul Del Gigante, CEO and founder of online start-up Quickdockets,  a start-up providing a digital solution for cost capturing in the construction industry, will demonstrate how you can set up a simple business plan in minutes.

What you'll learn

  • How to get started on your plan with a simple mission statement
  • How to add goals
  • Setting SMART objectives to meet your goals, including deadlines and measurements
  • Linking your goals and objectives to action-oriented tasks
  • Assigning the tasks to your team members
  • Monitoring progress simply and comprehensively
  • Get your whole team engaged in the business improvement process
  • Use Business Propel’s health checks to flesh out what types of plans you need to put in place