In a highly competitive market, you need a differentiated service to stand out. Business Propel can increase your value proposition by offering essential tools that will help improve your customer’s business.

Business Propel delivers an integrated solution to assess, plan, prioritise and manage business performance.

• Diagnostic Assessments of core business areas
• Professional reports and recommendations
• Action plans, building on step-by-step templates to fully customisable
• Business Planning Tool*
• Dashboard view to “healthcheck” performance and manage activities
• Best practice resources & expert advice.

Not only will you improve the health and longevity of your business customer, but you will cement loyalty and extend their value to you

Reach new markets

By identifying strengths, weaknesses and where to start improving first, Business Propel can align your solutions with customers’ needs.

Position your expertise as a solution provider through resources delivered directly to customers who need your services – or integrate systems, allowing triggered workflows and alerts to target your sales efforts.

Insights & Intelligence

Our diagnostic tools uncover trends and behaviours beyond just statistics. Creating a rich source of data over time, Business Propel enables you to delve deeper into customer needs, personas, lifecycle and triggers.
Your customer data can be aggregated, and benchmarked against similar businesses based on the overall Business Propel user base.

Create your own customised diagnostic 

Develop a customised diagnostic within Business Propel to showcase your area of speciality. Use the gathered information to understand your current customers’ needs, their overall business environment and lift your brand.

A custom diagnostic could be released only to your loyal customer base, or extended openly to draw a larger audience and data set.

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