What is Business Propel?

Business Propel is an integrated business planning and performance tool that provides you with an end-to-end view of your business and then gives you tools that will help set up your business for success. Our tools include business health checks, personalised assessment reports, recommendations for action, a business plan builder, handy resources and business coaching.

How can Business Propel help my business?

Business Propel works with you, allowing you to test the strength and weaknesses of your business. We help you assess, plan, prioritise, refine and manage your current practices so you’re performing at your best. Our comprehensive health check reports will let you see clearly where your business is doing well and where it needs help across the areas of people, customers, financials, business strategy and operations. Business Propel tracks your journey to performance improvement with indicators showing your progress.

You’ll receive valuable insights and intelligence that will help you plan more effectively and give greater value to your customers, reach new markets, and provide you with valuable insights and intelligence, helping you shape your business for a successful future.

Why do I need a business plan?

A business plan is critically important to every business for many reasons. It’s a strategic management tool giving your management team focus and direction by defining objectives clearly, and it holds key personnel accountable. It enables you to monitor progress and accountability. It's essential for attracting investments, future funding and supporting a loan application. When reviewed regularly it allows you to undertake a course correction process, evaluate your value proposition, marketing assumptions, and operational, financial and staffing plans.  It allows you to define new business, evaluate a new product line, promotion, or expansion. It also defines clearly any agreements between partners and sets a value on the business for sale or legal purposes.

It’s the roadmap to your business’ future showing every aspect of the journey required.

What happens to my plan if I cancel my account?

Your Premium subscription is valid for 12 months. We will send you a reminder notice when it's about to expire. If you don't wish to continue with Premium access, you will automatically revert to the Free subscription and not be charged any further.

Can I use Business Propel on other devices?

Yes, Business Propel is responsive and can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Can I use Business Propel without an Internet connection?

The resources and tools that power Business Propel are all housed online. You can save health check assessments, business plan reports, resource web pages, etc. offline, but Business Propel is designed as an interactive resource which stores data online.

How many users can access Business propel?

If you have a Freemium account, each account can have only one user. If you purchase a Premium account, you can have an unlimited users on your account.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, Business Propel Health Check is free forever. You can create a free login, and no credit card is needed.

How much does Business Propel cost?

Business Propel is FREE for a basic level of functionality. A Premium account costs $599 per year – this includes access to all functions PLUS a Basic NSW Business Chamber Membership. If you are already an NSWBC Member, you can receive up to 50% off this price – please contact your membership account manager for more information.

What payment methods do you accept?

Online payments can be made by Visa, Diners Club, Mastercard and Amex.

Will my data be safe and private?

Yes. Please see our privacy policy for further details.

How do I create an Action Plan?

When you complete a Business Propel health check, it generates a comprehensive action plans outlining each step towards improving an area of your business. You can also customise your own, allocating responsibilities and due dates across your team.

What's the difference between a basic and comprehensive business plan?

Your basic business plan is a simple one-page outline of the process of defining your business’ areas and generating action plans. It helps you create a straightforward strategy around each of the concise, specific goals, helping you to clarify your big picture goals and annual objectives. It also suggests action plans to get you on the right track.

This page can be generated so that you can easily communicate your goals to your team. It’s a handy snapshot of your plan that you or your team can refer to every week to ensure you’re on track.

A formal, more comprehensive business plan has the potential for increasing your growth potential by 30% by tracking your actual results - the sales that you get and the expenses that you incur - against the goals that you set out for yourself in your plan. A formal, written business plan is often developed when you’re starting your business, and as a requirement when applying for finance or government grants.While it takes longer to develop a formal business plan, the time you put into it will yield valuable results. We offer video coaching and best practice resources to guide you through each section of your formal written business plan. At any point, you can request assistance and receive specific email advice from one of our business experts.To help get your thought processes started in each section, sample text is provided for a typical business, and you can save your progress as you go and export a comprehensive business plan as both PDF and Word format.