The Business Propel teams work with hundreds of businesses each year to boost their performance and profitability, and it's proven that a clear business plan is an essential ingredient to your business success.

Our comprehensive business planning tool is divided into 4 main sections.

number-one-in-a-circle.png The Business.

Start with some of the basics, including your business and trading name, location, ownership and organisational structure.
Evaluate key operational issues including, compliance, insurances, risk identification, product development, management of people and skills.



number-two-in-a-circle.png The Market.


Focuses on your customers and sales and marketing, and  distribution.  We have provided a SWOT analysis, and process to review your competitors so that you can quickly evaluate your current business situation.



number-three-in-a-circle.png The Future.


Describe your business vision and mission statement, and your long term goals and objectives.  High-level action plan milestones are required here.


number-four-in-circular-button.png The Finances.

Financial objectives and the underlying assumptions in your budgets are explored. You will need to gather your information as you will be asked to provide break downs of start-up costs, forecasts for Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets, and brief analysis of your break-even point.

Financial information is stored securely in the site and is only available to you. For more information on security of data within Business Propel, please go to our FAQ section.


Use your plan as a management tool
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