Track your progress every step of the way,
with easy dashboard views of your business plan

Here’s a snapshot how Business Propel – Basic Business Planning works

1. Start the Plan

First step is to give your Business Plan a name, start and end date.  
Write down your mission statement, to keep it top of mind and give your plan focus.

2. Set Goals

Add your goals into Business Propel.
If you need inspiration, you can search our library of common business goals.

3. Add Objectives

Objectives are the building blocks that get you closer to achieving your business vision.

Explore how your business is performing in areas which are critical to achieving your goals.

Business Propel offers a range of diagnostic business health checks, accessible from the main dashboard to assist. 


4. Link Activity

Business Propel offers a series of Action Plans which you can link to your objectives.

Each plan is pre-populated with logical steps, developed by our team of expert consultants.



As tasks are completed, progress is automatically updated on your Action Plans – which you can see on your Business Plan Dashboard.


Use your plan as a management tool
and build a better business.
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