Allocate tasks, deadlines and collaborate across your team, and monitor progress on a single dashboard view.

Developed by professional business consultants, you’ll be underway fast with our comprehensive action plans outlining each step towards improving an area of your business. Or customise your own, allocating responsibilities and due dates across your team.

Key features

tick.png  100+ pre-populated action items

list.png   Smart recommended actions

type.png   Customisable actions

web-link.png   Linked actions to your business goals

send.png   Assign and track progress

‘Action’ Dashboard summarises all action plans, to view progress.


Linking action plans against business goals

To ensure your Business Plan remains top of mind for you and your team, consider completing Business Propel’s simple Business Plan format. 

Action Plans help an SME Business Owner or Manager get started quickly and to monitor progress
being made towards overall business improvement.

Action Plan features include:

  • Recommendations based on assessment results
  • List of smaller tasks for completion
  • Items can be allocated to team members, edited and scheduled with due dates
  • Fully editable, Action Plans can be customised or started from scratch


It is best practice to review your progress against assigned tasks regularly and you can do this easily using the Business Planning Dashboard.
You will also have a handy one page format of your Business Plan to communicate to your team, or view online.