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Business Strategy

Business Strategy

What business are you in? Who are your customers? What are you doing differently to add value to your customers and stay ahead of your competitors?
Finding the time to consider your business goals is difficult, especially when you’re focused on delivering on the daily operational needs. It’s critically important to make time to work ON your business as well as IN your business.

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Recommended resources



    Drop the blindfold and make friends with unicorns

    By Phillip Parisis

    If you’re responsible for marketing you’ll be expected to expand your digital knowledge and capabilities, manage increasingly complex technology integrations and devise strategies and campaigns that directly affect the bottom line.

    Business Strategy

    Competitive advantage: How does your business stack up?

    By Charisse Gray

    We all know of companies with products and services that achieve great results, even though their pricing is higher than their competitors.


    Customer profiling: It's definitely not a mug shot!

    By Charisse Gray

    Customer profiling outlines the type of customers likely to purchase your product, what they want and why.


    Land new customers: Hook, line and sinker

    By Wayne Moloney

    To land new clients you have to be prospecting where your ideal client ‘hangs out’ and have the right bait - what will your target customer ‘value’? How will you deliver gain or help reduce pain? It all comes down to strategy.


    Tips for sound practices and processes for tough times

    By Charisse Gray

    No business is immune to economic or competitive challenges and lean times. We give you some simple but practical strategies to get through tough times.


    Social media: Pull it out of the 'too hard' basket

    By Charisse Gray

    Your social media strategy builds on your more traditional marketing, communication and operational strategies.

    Business Strategy

    Small business innovation - there's never been a more exciting time to be an SME

    By Simon van Wyk

    Small business operators are by nature risk takers; it's wired into their DNA. If they spot a new opportunity they will go after it.

    Vision & Goals

    Innovative practices: Don’t risk your business becoming irrelevant

    By Charisse Gray

    Innovation is about doing business better and smarter.

    Business Strategy

    Six steps for facilitating a strategy workshop

    By Charisse Gray

    Strategy workshops can prove extremely productive and add significant value to your business plan.


    How to perform a competitive assessment

    By Charisse Gray

    Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition--or potential competition--is critical to making sure your business survives and grows.


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