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Training is crucial for the development and success of any business. It benefits both employers and employees. 
People care if you take a genuine interest in their future.

Training and development planning can help to build loyalty, and loyal employees are productive employees.

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  • Larry Forsyth Senior Manager, WHS & HR Consulting Australian Business Consulting & Solutions


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    Staff training: build your people skills and they'll build your business

    By Charisse Gray

    Training and upgrading employee skills starts from day one, and should continue throughout the employee's life with you if you want your employees to grow and develop new skills.

    Performance & Development

    How to retain your best people

    By Charisse Gray

    Retaining good staff is not all about salary. If you’re serious about retaining your top people in a competitive marketplace you need to get smarter about the employment package you’re offering.


    Workplace injuries: make them a thing of the past

    By Catherine Jacob

    The importance of safe workplace training isn’t always recognised by people, particularly if they’ve been doing the same job for many years.


    The value of training : Measure for measure

    By Larry Forsyth

    Many businesses spend significant money and time in training staff but fail to collect data to analyse whether they’re getting any business value from training.

    Performance & Development

    Questioning techniques: Do you ask the right questions?

    By Charisse Gray

    As a manager or team leader you can use powerful questions to bring new insights and clarity to a workplace situation.

    Performance & Development

    Meetings: Manage them wisely to get the most out of them

    By Charisse Gray

    Meetings are an inevitable part of a normal business week but they can be a waste of time and are not always necessary.


    How to reap the benefits of employee training

    By Charisse Gray

    Ongoing employee training is critical. If staff aren’t keeping up with constant change and learning new things, your business will fall behind.


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