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Performance & Development

Meetings: Manage them wisely to get the most out of them

Meetings are an inevitable part of a normal business week but they can be a waste of time and are not always necessary.Read more


Tips for sound practices and processes for tough times

No business is immune to economic or competitive challenges and lean times. We give you some simple but practical strategies to get through tough times.Read more


Flexible work practices: Different strokes for different folks

Flexible work arrangements can help your business attract and retain good employees by making it easier for them to balance work and lifestyle commitments. Read more


Learn the secrets of what makes a consummate, genuine leader

Would your team be willing to go the extra mile to deliver excellence? Do you garner respect easily? Are you regarded as an exceptional and influential leader? Learn how this business leader achieves this and so much more.Read more


How to recruit for the future

Today's managers need very different skills to past business leaders.The rapidly changing marketplace, increased global competition, and leaner organisational structures require radically different skills and attitudes. Read more

Risk Management

Risk management: How quickly would you recover when things go wrong?

Risk management is a core capability for business success. Read more


5 simple steps to control the future of your business

Follow these simple steps to ensure that you don’t get to the end of another financial year and wonder why you aren’t where you wanted to be. Read more


Promoting your business: A 60 seconds pitch

You have countless opportunities to promote or pitch what your business does. The challenge is to organise your thoughts and know what you intend to say and why. Read more


Sales: Supercharge them through the roof

When it comes to sales, your customers quite literally have all the answers. Read more

Risk Management

Business continuity: How strong are the links in your chain?

The importance of testing and exercising business continuity plans can’t be overstated. Read more