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Business Propel is brought to you by Australian Business Consulting & Solutions.

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions is proud to be a part of Australian Business Solutions Group (ABSG). Australian Business Solutions Group has built a reputation for helping Australian businesses of all sizes to maximise their potential and achieve their goals.

Driven by the ideals of the international business chamber movement, ABCS has a unique commitment to foster national prosperity. Surplus funds are funnelled back into initiatives such as research and advocating governments to support a thriving commercial environment.

Ultimately, our purpose is to help businesses build a better Australia for all.
Australian Business Solutions Group, in business for business.

Award winning online products

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions (ABCS) has won many Australian and global awards for the design and implementation of business diagnostic tools and HR documentation systems.

Most recently, ABCS was awarded the ‘Best Small Business Project’ Award, at the ICC WCF World Chambers Congress in 2011 and 2013 for integrated programs aimed at improving business performance.

ABCS has a successful track record of developing diagnostic assessments, online systems and business education programs in partnership with major Australian B2B solution providers, government, associations and international chambers of commerce. 

Experts in SME business improvement 

Part of the Chamber movement, ABCS draws on a rich heritage of supporting SME business for over 100 years, across all industries, extending across thousands of Australian businesses.

Everything we do is designed to simplify, manage and grow your business in tangible ways. Clients gain access to specialist expertise and award-winning solutions in the areas of Legal, Marketing, Professional Consulting, International Trade, Human Resources, Work Health & Safety, Recruitment & Labour Hire, Training and Apprenticeships/Traineeships.

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Our Team of Experts

From Australian Business Consulting & Solutions

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    Paula Martin
    General Manager

    During her 20-year career in strategy, marketing, sales, product development and PR, Paula has worked for both large and small businesses to develop and deliver successful marketing, brand and product initiatives.

    She has held senior management positions across a range of industries, including IT software, HR consulting and accounting, and has built successful operations that deliver innovation, product development, marketing strategies, sales results, brand and customer loyalty.

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    Kathryn Rae
    Senior Manager, Innovation and Digital, ABCS

    Kathryn is senior manager for marketing and consulting and a key architect of Business Propel.

    Combining a big picture focus with an eye for the small details, Kathryn has been working with a broad range of businesses from start-ups to enterprises of all sizes for more than 20 years. She’s passionate about the synergy between innovation, solution design and marketing. 

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    Martin North
    Product Development Manager

    Martin is product development manager, responsible for the technical development of Business Propel.

    With more than 15 years’ experience in information technology, software development and design, and product management, Martin’s expertise is in troubleshooting technical problems, programming, providing design solutions, and in backlog wrangling, UX championing, and prototyping.

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    Sue Mitchell
    National Sales Manager

    Sue is National Sales Manager for Business Propel.

    Her extensive career in senior management has seen her develop a unique ‘end to end’ understanding of complex business models and best practice management techniques. She has provided tailored solutions to a wide range of businesses in business improvement, HR, WHS and IR.

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    Larry Forsyth
    Senior Manager, WHS and HR Consulting

    Larry Forsyth, a Senior Manager in WHS and HR consulting, has more than 20 years’ experience in helping businesses optimise their HR practices, deliver strategic and operational outcomes and ensure good practice.

    Specialising in transformational leadership, coaching and change management, he has also created a number of tailored HR consulting solutions. 

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    Laila Hage-Ali
    Senior Manager, Marketing Consulting, ABCS

    Laila is an expert marketing consultant, experienced in working with small businesses and multi-million dollar global organisations. Laila is a senior manager in marketing consulting, experienced in working with small businesses and multi-million dollar global organisations.

    Blending strategic business objectives with practical yet innovative marketing solutions, Laila’s expertise ranges from high-level strategy setting and tactical digital campaign planning to copy writing and refining the customer service experience. 

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    Charisse Gray
    Managing Editor - Business Propel

    Charisse is Business Propel’s managing editor and senior business writer, responsible for developing articles and resources aimed at educating, informing and improving business outcomes.

    Her extensive experience in business writing and consulting includes more than 15 years dispensing business wisdom online for the NSW Business Chamber.

A large number of Contributors also bring their expertise to Business Propel.

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